Ancient Mesimvria-Zoni -Thrace

It is one of the six cities of the Samothakian Perea, that citizens of Samothraki built on the Thracian coast across from their island. The other five Perea cities were Sali, Zoni, Drys, Tempira, and Harakoma, referred to in Herodotus as Samothakian Walls. The ancient city that was excavated originally thought to be Mesimvria but later data hypothesize that it might actually be Zoni. (That’s why you might often encounter it with a double name “Mesimvria-Zoni”) The city was wealthy and renown, it had expensive houses, well made roads and strong walls. Samothakians used to send to the island various agricultural goods and quickly got reach as merchants or farmers. Various amazing houses have been excavated at the north of the city, of which the most unique is a house that was actually had its floor staged on reversed narrow-base amphoras, in order to avoid humidity. It is an unbelievable architectural task and quite a site to see.