Archaeological site of Anastasioupolis -Thrace

Walking the archaeological site of Anastasioupolis – Perithorio creates a strange feeling for the first time visitor. Following the assigned path, castles and walls appear. Anastasioupolis was one of the most important towns of Thrace, an Egnatia stop for the ancient  traveller and a port of Vistonida. It was founded by Emperor Anastasios the 1st, and Emperor Justinine created its long walls and the aqueduct. It was destroyed much later by the Bulgarian Czar Kalogiannis but was rebuilt by Andronicus the 3rd and Paleologos in 1341 when it was rename Perithorio (meaning Fringe). At the harbors gate (from the riverside) you’ll be able to see the large carved monograms of the Paleologos family. The largest part of the walls and castles is intact until this day, and the city is still behind walls.