Stavroupolis -Thrace

Stavroupolis is build at natural overseeing position of the River Nestos, it has magnificent view and the atmosphere is serene and magical. Start your tour of the city from its central square. Walk the cobblestone roads of its neighborhoods full of stone houses of traditional architecture with their fireplaces lit leaving small smoke ribbons in the air. During the weekdays it is a very quiet place. In 1961 it had 1375 inhabitants that were steadily decreasing until nowadays, with only about 500 left. Most of the either migrated to Athens, Thessaloniki or Germany. Close the central square is a folklore museum (tel. 25410 22260). The museum building used to be a tobacco revenue service but these days houses the extended folk collection of the Karampatzakis family. Near Stavroupolis, at the shore of Nestos one may find various alternative tourism businesses offering many activities for a visitor. A bike trail is made alongside the river banks.

Stavroupolis is an amazing base for excursions. To the north there are two magnificent sites to visit, Livaditis with a tall waterfall (it’ll take you about 45minutes to get there on foot) and the Erymanthus Forest.
You may also visit the Macedonian Tomb situated 3.7 kilometers along the road leading to Komnina. It is famed as the largest and most imposing mausoleum of Thrace, and it’s made from marble cornerstones.