The Alexandroupolis lighthouse – Thrace

It bears no resemblance to the wind-ridden lighthouses of the islands in the Aegean or the Cretan Sea. The Alexandroupolis Lighthouse is a picturesque touch on the colourful canvas of the Alexandroupolis harbor and the city, a pillar of light that connects with the surrounding houses, cafes and passing cars. It used to be at the edge of the harbor, but today it’s in the centre of a paved square where locals take their walks, a meeting point under a lighthouse that now lightens a sea… of people! Its name – Pharos (Lighthouse) of Dede Agats – is a constant reminder of the humble origins of the city, as a small fishing village during the Ottoman Empire. When the Russians took the area from the Turks in 1878, they were fascinated by the location and remade the city planning with marvelous wide streets and deciding to set up the large lighthouse, which has hitherto been a symbol of the city. The Alexandroupolis Lighthouse first operated on June 1st 1880, and stands 27 meters tall from the sea level. Its range is 24 nautical miles and operates nightly.