Baths of Therma (Thermos) -Thrace

You may enjoy the beneficial properties of a hot natural spa in Thermos Baths without  suffering from arthritis, or other ailments that doctors usually prescribed their use for. Apart from the old Turkish bath building with the dome and its surrounding huts, there is an organized hydrotherapy center here. Individual showers have been added to the  individual bath tubs since 1998. There is also a community hostel next to the community baths.
The thermal springs of the Baths of Therma are  a geothermal phenomenon that extends over 1000 meters wide. If the temperature is low when you arrive, be mindful of possible steam vapors escaping from several openings in the ground. Analysis of the baths’ water composition classifies it in the thermal category of oxycarbonate. Apart from the usual beneficial bathing properties, the  Therma water has a thermal healing effect on gastrointestinal diseases, liver diseases, metabolic and infectious diseases as well as various problems of the urinary tract.
There is a large festival full of music, wine and lambs on a spit organized in the Baths of Therma on 6th of May, which is the Saint George Day according to the old calendar. Pomaks are also celebrating Enderlezi, a celebration in the honor of Spring.