Fylaktos Fossilized Forest -Thrace

In Fylaktos village of Evros Region, one of the most preserved fossilized forests in Europe can be found to the northeast of Alexandroupolis. It is the oldest fossilized forest in Greece with an estimated age of 40 million years. The fossils at the greater area of Tycheros Municipality are numerous. There is a petrified oak tree found in Fylaktos that is estimated to be 25 million years old, it is 25 meters tall and its trunk is 3 meters thick in diameter. According to professor Evangelos Velitzelos it is one of the oldest species of oaks in the European continent and it was the first recorded case of this fossilized wood as well its leaves. There’s a large protective construction around the tree protecting it from deterioration. Many more fossils can be observed in the area, especially the yard of its public school!