Macedonian Tomb and Kalyvas Castle -Thrace

The Macedonian Tomb is found in the greater Xanthi area, and it is probably the largest ancient tomb in Thrace, created from local marble. It is dated to 200 BCE and it includes a prothalamos (entry hall) and a necrothalamos (funeral hall). The first archaeological dig took place in 1953. Inside the tomb were found only a few ancient items, among which a couple of gold rings, a necklace, and a human skeleton. It was obvious that it had been a subject of tomb raiding in the past. It is possible that it was created by King Philippos the 2nd and it was preserved in great condition up to the 6th century CE. It has a strategic position and it’s great pool 12meter deep is build with cornerstone. It is an exquisite monument of ancient mechanics and hydraulic craft.